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Improving Business Productivity with AI & Automation

The UK faces the big challenge of increasing productivity rate, your business doesn't have to.

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Improving Business Productivity with AI & Automation

The problem

In today's fast-paced business environment, business leaders are increasingly aware of the need to enhance productivity and efficiency. However, many struggle with outdated systems, disjointed technologies, and inefficient processes that hamper growth and scalability. The inability to effectively integrate AI and automation technologies has become a significant barrier, leading to lost opportunities, increased operational costs, and reduced competitive edge. This challenge is amplified by the complexity of choosing the right technology investments and implementing them in a way that aligns with their unique business goals and industry dynamics.

To confidently identify where AI and automation can improve your business productivity, you need to have credible answers to the following questions, with objective evidence:

  • How well do you understand your current IT landscape? 
  • Are your digital systems and technologies effectively integrated to support seamless business operations?
  • How is technology being utilised in your customer interactions?
  • Are there opportunities for automation to increase productivity that you're missing?
  • Are your technology investments strategically aligned with your business goals and the specific dynamics of your industry?
  • How prepared is your business to scale operations and respond swiftly to market demands? 

The solution

Geeks' Digital Diagnostics, powered by the DiGence®, offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges. It provides a data-driven digital transformation roadmap, tailored to each business's unique needs. By assessing operations, experiences, tools, and identifying gaps, Digital Diagnostics enables businesses to align their teams and strategies effectively. It offers actionable insights for integrating AI and automation, ensuring that technological investments directly contribute to enhanced productivity and scalability. This approach not only streamlines operations but also positions businesses for future growth, making them adaptable, efficient, and competitive in the AI age.



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1. Comprehensive Systems Mapping

DiGence® provides a detailed assessment of a business's existing systems, identifying how they interconnect and their effectiveness. By mapping out the entire technology landscape, businesses can pinpoint inefficiencies, redundancies, and areas lacking in modernisation. This comprehensive overview is crucial for understanding the current state of your business, laying the groundwork for strategic improvements and integrations, especially in AI and automation.

2. Operational Efficiency Analysis

DiGence® focuses on evaluating the current business processes to identify inefficiencies and areas where automation and AI could significantly enhance productivity. The goal is to find where is the best place to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve output quality, thereby enhancing overall business performance.

3. Gap Identification for AI & other Technology Integration

By scrutinising existing business processes and technology use, DiGence® identifies areas where AI and other advanced technologies can be integrated for maximum impact. It's about pinpointing specific operational, customer service, or data analysis gaps that AI and new technologies can fill, thereby elevating efficiency, accuracy, and innovation. This targeted approach ensures that technological investments are strategic, relevant, and yield measurable benefits.

4. Data-Driven Roadmap for Digital Transformation with High ROI

By leveraging data-driven insights, DiGence® enables businesses to forecast potential returns and understand the financial benefits of their digital investments, reducing the uncertainty of ROI. This creates a clear, actionable roadmap for digital transformation tailored to the company's specific needs and ensures that investments translate into tangible business improvements.

What will you get?

Geeks' Digital Diagnostics service empowers you to navigate the complexities of digital transformation with confidence. It provides clarity and direction for your business to modernise by answering pivotal questions:

  • Which existing systems have we outgrown?
  • How much of our processes should/can be automated?
  • How much of our processes should/can be eliminated?
  • What customer pain points can be solved with automation or AI?
  • Where does our business leak value due to inefficiencies?
  • Which systems or processes are blocking our growth trajectory?
  • How technology can elevate our employee experience?
  • How can automation and AI increase our productivity?
  • What are the key digital transformations to enhance our brand positioning?
Geeks' Digital Diagnostics service

What you will get out of this service:

List of problems and opportunities

List of problems and opportunities

Ability to drill down see the data behind every insight

Ability to drill down see the data behind every insight

Growth scenario stimulation and the impact of tech on it

Growth scenario stimulation and the impact of tech on it

Current technology map, gaps and overlaps

Current technology map, gaps and overlaps

List of recommendations with clear ROI

List of recommendations with clear ROI

12-month roadmap with priorities and dependencies

12-month roadmap with priorities and dependencies

Case Studies & Testimonials


"Working with Geeks we have been able to identify where our strengths and weaknesses are, and prioritise."



"DiGence® really was exactly what we were looking for, we got a report that created the confidence the business needed going forward."


Niche Care

The recommendations made by Geeks freed up the time of all Niche Care departments, allowing to focus on what they do best.


Read more

If you want to read more examples of our work (and hear the good things our clients have to say!) head over to our case studies page here.



How does it work?

The scope of your Digital Diagnostics is flexible: 

  • Holistic Approach: Diagnose your entire business operations, to identify your best transformation opportunities across the whole business for maximum impact. 
  • Modular Approach: Diagnose specific business functions for departmental transformation and impact. 

Your Digital Diagnostics is delivered based on the following process:

How Digital Diagnostics works?

1. Business processes and systems mapping

We create a snapshot of the As-Is of the defined scope of your business and how it operates by interviewing your key employees from each department and function.

2. Data Collection: Measuring what matters

The data we collect is used to draw the insights and are available for you to drill down into and see where the insights are coming from. This will be the source of confidence for everyone in your business and will bring alignment into your team. The types of data you can drill down into are:

objective performance

Objective Performance

Assess your business performance based upon 6 key objectives.

company time

Company Time

See where time is being spent on administrative tasks that could be automated with the use of technology.

systems map

Systems Map

A visualisation of how your systems integrate with each other and how they are used across the business.

customer touch point

Customer Touch Points

Review your client experience & where touch points can be improved, streamlined, with a technological approach.

qualitative insights

Qualitative Insights

See what pain-points, risks & improvements are suggested through a series of interviews with your stakeholders.

quantitative insights

Quantitative Insights

See what pain-points, risks & improvements are suggested through a series of interviews with your stakeholders.



Assess your ROI on all of your technologies; are they fit for purpose? Are you overspending? 

3. Insights: List of problems and opportunities

We then use DiGence Studio and the AI engine behind it to draw insights from your data. The insights will be from the following categories.

lenghthy manual processes

Lengthy manual processes

List of manual processes that takes a lot of time from the team

Undesirable employee experiences

Undesirable employee experiences

List of systems that have a poor UX as a whole or as part of a process or not fit for your business.

disconnected systems

Disconnected systems

List of systems that result in manual data transfer

High risk of errors

High risk of errors

Processes that have the highest risk of errors & not easily spotted, resulting in reputational damage.

least scalable processes

Least scalable processes

Processes that would hinder scaling the business

Costly manual processes

Costly manual processes

Manual processes that are done by most expensive employees

processes prone to inconsistency

Processes prone to inconsistency

Due to lack of documentation or systemisation 

Undesirable customer experiences

Undesirable customer experiences

Touchpoints that are painful for the customers

4. Recommendations: Transformations that take you to the next level

DiGence AI engine will recommend a list of transformations that have the biggest ROI and will take your business to the next level. They will be from the following categories:

System integration

Systems integration

Connect existing systems to reduce manual data entry, errors, inconsistencies and processing time

COTS Adoption

COTS Adoption

Identify and implement a fit-for-purpose commercial off-the-shelf system (e.g. CRM, ERP, Micro SaaS ...)

COTS Leverage

COTS Leverage

Change business process to utilise more of an existing system’s available features

Bespoke Development

Bespoke Development

Design and build a custom systems or apps to support your unique requirements

objective performance

AI Augmentation

Enhance the capabilities of existing systems with AI through backend or frontend integrations

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Automate routine tasks with RPA (e.g. browser extensions)

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Create dashboards, notifications and predictive analytics from the existing business data



Build a prototype using emerging technologies to assess feasibility of innovative ideas

Time and investment calculator

Here you can get an estimate of the time and investment needed for your Digital Diagnostics project, please modify the department functions you would like to include in this scope and how many total interviewees you think would be valuable knowledge holders to interview.


Select your business’s industry


Please confirm the applicable business functions that your organisation facilitates

0 functions selected

Organisation Complexity

The organisational complexity based on operational requirements and the headcount of employees.

Number of Interviewees

An estimate of employees to be interviewed to capture the processes actioned within each function.

Digital Maturity

The current status of your digital innovation and implementation.

Instant Estimation

These are estimations of the required work and investment based on your description of you organisation.

Businesses Processes: 0 An estimated total number of business processes across the selected business functions at your business.

Processes Steps: 0 Approximate number of individual steps across the above processes. These are items of work or activity carried out by your employees, customers or other stakeholders.

Data Points: 0 Per process step, during the interviews, we will capture 14 key data points. They cover an essential set of quantitative and qualitative characteristics, covering everything that matters, from time taken to complexity of decision making, tools and processes involved, etc. These data points are the fuel to the analytical engine of DiGence.

Interview Time: 0 hrs An estimation of the total time our analysts will spend with representatives across your business, in order to model your business processes and capture the above data points into DiGence.

Interview Sessions: 0 This is assuming 2-hour interview sessions to capture all the required insights about your processes.

Analysis: Included The total cost indicated below is inclusive of the interview times as well as the analysis of the data we will perform following the data collection phase in order to generate the reports, insights and analytics.

Presentation: Included Following the analysis, in addition to providing you with the reports and outcomes of the process, we will present the key findings to your stakeholders and train them on how to interpret and use the insights for business process improvements and data-driven decision making.

Total Investment: £0 This is an indicative figure based on some crude assumptions. We can work out a more accurate cost following your free scoping session. See below for more information.



Return on Investment

The return on investment Digital Diagnostics with DiGence® is substantial with identifying and implementing the most effective digital initiatives.

  • Efficiency & Productivity
    Streamlined processes and elevated workforce with automation and AI
  • Competitive Edge
    Enhanced strategies for stronger market positioning and differentiation
  • Informed decisions
    Better strategic and operational management decisions backed by data
  • Investment Alignment
    Optimal digital strategies to minimise risks and wasteful initiatives
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Improved processes and efficiencies to enhance customer experience 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Full refund offered

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